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The Plant Science Bulletin
(Print: ISSN 0032-0919, Electronic: ISSN 1537-9752) is an informal communication published four times a year, with information on upcoming meetings, courses, field trips, news of colleagues, new books, and professional opportunities. It provides a means of advertising items or materials wanted. It also serves as a forum for circulating BSA committee reports, for distributing innovative teaching approaches and methods, and for discussing issues of concern to Society members such as environmental policy and educational funding.

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Books Received for Review


If you would like to review a book or books for PSB, the easiest way to do so is to: highlight and copy the book details, click on the Reviewer Requested link to the right of the book's details and paste the information into the email form that pops up. Remember to include your name, University/Department, all of your mailing details and the date by which the book will be reviewed (15 January, 15 April, 15 July or 15 October). Alternatively, email, write or call the Editor, including the details noted above, as soon as you notice the book of interest in this list because they go quickly! - Editor (, Ph 620-341-5605)

  Plant Behaviour and Intelligence.  Trewavas, Anthony.  2014.  ISBN 978-0-19-953954-3 (Cloth US$94.95) 291pp.  Oxford University Press, 198 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016  
  CITES and Cacti: A User’s Guide.  Sajeva, Maurizio, H. Noel McGough, Lucy Garrett, Jonas Lüthy, Maurice Tse-Laurence, Catherine Rutherford, and Guilia Sajeva.  2014.  ISBN 978-1-84246-485-4 (Paper US$50.00) Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.  Distributed by .  The University of Chicago Press, 1427 East 60th Street, Chicago, Ill. 60637-2954.  
  Ancient Plants and People: Contemporary Trends in Archaeobotany.  Madella, Marco, Carla Lanceolotti, and Manon Savard.  2014.  ISBN 978-0-8165-2710-6 (cloth US$70.00) 328 pp.  The University of Arizona Press, 1510 E. University Boulevard, P.O. B ox 210055, Tucson, AZ 85721-0055.  
  HAWS: A Guide to Hawthorns of the Southeastern United States.  Lance, Ron.  2014  ISBN 978-0-9903689-0-8.  (Paper US$29.95).  518pp.  Published by the author, Mill River, NC.  Available at
  Ireland’s Generous Nature: The Past and Present Uses of Wild Plats in Ireland.  Jackson, Peter Wyse. 2014.  ISBN 9780915279784 (Cloth US$60.00) 754 pp.  Missouri Botanical Garden Press, P.O. Box 200, St. Louis, MO 63166-0299.
  Data Analysis in Vegetation Ecology, 2nd Edition.  Wildi, Otto.  2013. ISBN: 978-1-118-38403-9 (Paper US$79.95)  336 pp.  Wiley-Blackwell, 1 Wiley Drive, Somerset, NJ 08875-1272.


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