Suggested Web-links

Native Plant Societies

Cincinnati Wild Flower Preservation Society - founded 1917, also known as the Southwest Chapter of the Ohio Native Plant Association

Ohio Prairie Association - contains list of Ohio prairie plants, map of prairie locations

Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio - contains some nice images of Ohio plants

Botanizers Club - Wilderness Center (near Wilmot, OH)

Federal and State Agencies

Ohio Department of Natural Resources - links to Ohio parks, vegetative history of the state

Ohio Natural Heritage Database (Division of Natural Areas and Preserves) - contains more than 13,000 records representing known locations for Ohio's rare plants and animals.

Ohio EPA

Non-Profit Agencies

The Nature Conservancy - Ohio - includes information on TNC preserves in the state

Herbaria and Collections

The Ohio State University Herbarium (OS) -  includes list of type specimens

Miami University - Willard Sherman Turrell Herbarium (MU) - includes constantly updated list of type specimens

Ohio University - Bartley Herbarium (Bryophyte Home Page) - features a searchable bryophyte database

Kent State University Herbarium (KE)

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden - home of the Local Flora Project, based on a database of herbarium specimens collected from surrounding universities (University of Cincinnati, University of Northern Kentucky, etc.).

General References

Currently Available

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Regional Floras

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Picture Guides and Specialty Books

Henn, R.L. 1998. Wildflowers of Ohio. Indiana University Press, 215 pp.

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