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The response tothe 2009 "Botany without Borders" was so good, and turned out to be such an easy way to highlight the Botanical Sciences, that it has prompted us to add video clips from BSA members around the world to uour web site. We also use videos to share poster presentations and featured talks from our Botany Conferences each summer. Ask about sharing your favorite botanical video clip online through www.Botany.org- videos@botany.org! Enjoy!


Botany Without Borders
Plants Are Cool Too!
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Botany 2013

Plenary Address
Celebrating diversity in the understanding of science: Botanists as ambassadors to a spectrum of humans
    Donal R. Kaplan Memorial Lecture
From genes to complex networks and morphologies in plant evolution
Dr. Nalini Nakarni
University of Utah
Center for Science and Mathematics Education
    Dr. Elena Alvarez-Buylla Roces
Universidad Nacional Autnoma de Mxico
Instituto de Ecologa
Cd. Universitaria
Mexico City, DF, 04510, Mexico
Address of the BSA President-Elect
"Learned Societies" -- Past, Present, and Future?
    Annals of Botany Lecture
From sex ratio to sex chromosomes: ecological and genetic insights into dioecy using strawberry
Dr. Pamela Diggle
University of Colorado
Department of Ecology And Evolutionary Biology
Boulder, CO, USA
    Dr. Tia-Lynn Ashman
University of Pittsburgh
Department of Biological Sciences
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Regional Botany Special Lecture
The Geological and Natural History of Coastal Louisiana from the Perspective of a Wetland Plant Landscape Ecologist - and a lover of plants
    Enhancing Scientist Diversity in Botany Luncheon
Cultivating the Next Generation of Plant Biologists
Dr. David A. White
Loyola University
Department of Biological Sciences
New Orleans, LA, USA
    Dr. Muriel Poston
Pitzer College
Environmental Analysis
Claremont, CA, USA

Botany 2013 Poster Interviews

Amy Faivre - Plant Reproductive Biology of Chasmogamous and Cleistogamous Flowers of Federally Threatened Clitoria fragrans (Fabaceae) Along the Lake Wales Ridge in Florida.
Botany 2013 Abstract
Anna Freundlach - Invasion of Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) correlates with decreased native plant diversity in riparian communities along the Susquehanna River. Co-author: Christopher Martine
Botany 2013 Abstract
Bill Trebelcock - Elucidating tolerance: seleniums effect on lipid peroxidation and glutathione peroxidase in rhizospheric fungi. Co-authors: Domonique Martinez, Zachary Roehrs and Ami Wangeline
Botany 2013 Abstract
Courtney Godbolt - Do Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi) pollen tubes prefer the cold?. Co-authors: Mehveen Qureshi and Amy Faivre
Botany 2013 Abstract
DeAna Smalls, Angel Rogers - Arabidopsis scaffold protein RACK1A regulates diverse environmental stress signaling pathways. Co-authors: Victor Leonard and Hemayet Ullah
Botany 2013 Abstract
Emily Rollinson - The diversity of riparian plant communities of small woodland streams in northern New York State.
Botany 2013 Abstract
Gemma Dugan - Sex-differential insect herbivory in dioecious Australian nightshades. Co-author: Christopher Martine
Botany 2013 Abstract
Harsh Kansagra - Antimicrobial Properties of Essential Oils Isolated from Anthoxanthum (Poaceae) Against Soil Bacteria. Co-authors: Terri Hildebrand, Mary Tufte and Preston Manwill
Botany 2013 Abstract
Jacquelyn Scherer - Ground-truthing Paleoprecipitation Proxies Across Modern Texas Floras. Co-author: Marina Suarez
Botany 2013 Abstract
James Erdmann - Elemental analysis of vegetation in the selenium-rich Wind River Basin of Wyoming. Co-authors: Zachary Roehrs and Ami Wangeline
Botany 2013 Abstract
Julia Gehring - Effects of Fragmentation, Fire Regime, and Landscape Position on the Vegetation and Insect Metacommunity Dynamics of Pine Rockland Sub-Tropical Forests. Co-author: Suzanne Koptur
Botany 2013 Abstract
Karoline Oldham - The taxonomic revision and historical biogeography of the hemiparasitic annual wildflower, Melampyrum lineare (Orobanchaceae). Co-author: Andrea Weeks
Botany 2013 Abstract
Monica Cox - 3-D Reconstruction of Chlorenchyma Cells in Oplismenus, a C3 Forest-dwelling Grass (Poaceae: Panicoideae: Paniceae). Co-author: Jorge Sanchez-Ken
Botany 2013 Abstract
Nabarun Ghosh - Shift in flowering, allergy season and aeroallergen index and AHPCO Nanotechnology to reduce allergy symptoms. Co-authors: Jeff Bennert and Constantine Saadeh MD, FACP
Botany 2013 Abstract
Natalia Contreras - Architecture of three Lupinus life forms in the Colombian Andes. Co-authors: Alfredo Navas and Santiago Madrin
Botany 2013 Abstract
Nichole Kupisz - Comparison of understory biodiversity between Ailanthus altissima versus native tree canopies in two disparate forests. Co-author: Gary K. Greer
Botany 2013 Abstract
Preston Manwill - Antimicrobial Properties and Composition of Essentials Oils Isolated from Ericameria linearifolia (Asteraceae). Co-authors: Terri Hildebrand, Jared Weaver, Nathan Heyborne and Kim Weaver
Botany 2013 Abstract


Botany 2012

American Journal of Botany Special Lecture
Descent with Modification; uniting paleontology and molecular genetics to integrate pattern and process in plant evolution
    Donal R. Kaplan Memorial Lecture
Mycorrhizas - Co-ordinated development between plants and fungi
Dr. Gar Rothwell
Oregon State University
Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
Corvallis, OR, USA
    Dr. Larry Peterson
University of Guelph
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Guelph, ON, Canada
Botany 2012 Plenary Special Lecture
Dr. Peter Crane

Botany 2012 Poster Interviews

Alexandra Dinicola - SWITCH (SouthWest Idaho: The Comprehensive Herbarium). Co-authors: Don Mansfield and James Smith
Botany 2012 Abstract
Alexandria Igwe - Elemental Defense in Alyssum murale: Effect on a Specialist Herbivore, Pieris rapae. Co-author: Mary McKenna
Botany 2012 Abstract
Brittany Stallworth - Interactions between fungi and the Ni-hyperaccumulator, Alyssum murale. Co-author: Mary McKenna
Botany 2012 Abstract
Bryan Thompson - Comparison of hydroponics to conventional agriculture: Analysis of overall yield, biomass and root growth of basil (Ocimum basilicum) and tomato (Solanum lycopersicum).
Botany 2012 Abstract
Charles Blair - Invasive Aquatic Weeds: Implications for Mosquito and Vector Management Activities.
Botany 2012 Abstract
Daniel Borkowski - Amplification of Introns within Stress Tolerance Candidate Genes in Northern red oak (Quercus rubra L.). Co-authors: Tim McCleary and Jeanne Romero-Severson
Botany 2012 Abstract
Grady Zuiderveen - Geographic Distribution of Native and Invasive Haplotypes of Phragmites australis along Michigan's West Coast. Co-authors: Timothy M. Evans and Mark Luttenton
Botany 2012 Abstract
James Jones - Growth responses of the Cape sundew (Drosera capensis L.) to low, medium and high levels of calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate. Co-authors: Art Fredeen and Hugues Massicotte
Botany 2012 Abstract
James McDaniel - Does the Polyploid Derivative Smell Just as Sweet: Rosa carolina and R. palustris. Co-authors: DeAnne Moore, Priscilla Gannicott and Nancy Cowden
Botany 2012 Abstract
John Hodge - Inflorescence development of three species in the tribe Andropogoneae (Poaceae). Co-author: Elizabeth Kellogg
Botany 2012 Abstract
Karen Hall - Biocultural Connections through the Cherokee Worldview Garden.
Botany 2012 Abstract
Kevin Spatz - Investigating the taxonomic status of ponderosa pine from the Spring and Hualapai Mountains. Co-author: Ann Willyard
Botany 2012 Abstract
Lorena Endara - Using webpages as a tool for teaching plant taxonomy in a laboratory. Co-authors: Kurt Neubig, Lucas Majure, Gregory Stull and Walter Judd
Botany 2012 Abstract
Rachel Hakett - Prairie fen plant biodiversity: the influence of landscape factors on plant community assemblages. Co-authors: Hillary Karbowski and Anna Monfils
Botany 2012 Abstract
Rebecca Allington - Phylogenetic analysis of DNA sequences leads to discovery of a previously unknown population of an uncommon, yet widespread, Australian spiny Solanum. Co-author: Christopher Martine
Botany 2012 Abstract
Sally Stevens - Stuck between a rock and a hot place: the role of climate in driving population and species boundaries in an endemic Appalachian fern species. Co-author: Nancy Emery
Botany 2012 Abstract
Sushil Paudyal - Ethnobotanical study of plants used in treating skin ailments by Tharu culture in Dang Valley (Nepal). Co-authors: Govind P.S. Ghimire and Timothy Motley
Botany 2012 Abstract
Temitope Adeyemi - Epidermal Morphology of West African Sapindaceae. Co-authors: OLUWATOYIN T. OGUNDIPE and JAMES D. OLOWOKUDEJO
Botany 2012 Abstract
Victoria Hanna - The effects of plant sex and genotype on plant-herbivore interactions. Co-author: Kailen Mooney
Botany 2012 Abstract
Pat Harrison - The Open Science Network for Ethnobiology. Co-authors: Keri Barfield and Karen Hall
Botany 2012 Abstract
Alastair Plant - Conservation of dissected leaf ontogenetic regulation between basal and core eudicots. Co-authors: Anandi Bhattacharya, Andrea Scholz and Stefan Gleissberg
Botany 2012 Abstract
Grant M. Barkley, Jennifer A. Fike - Origins of American Experimental Plant Physiology.
Botany 2012 Abstract
Helen Trumble - Bottle Biology: Making Cranberry Cutting Tubbe Necklaces. Co-authors: Tom Bryan, Emily Gustin, Diego Fajardo, Shawn Steffan, Rebecca Harbut, Paul Williams and Juan Zalapa
Botany 2012 Abstract



Botany 2011 Poster Interviews

Colin Khoury - Planning for Collecting the Crop Wild Relatives of the World's Major Crops. Co-authors: Nora Patricia Castaeda Alvarez, Holly Vincent, Andy Jarvis, Nigel Maxted, Ruth Eastwood and Luigi Guarino
Botany 2011 Abstract
Marcela Serna - Magnolias of the Neotropics
Botany 2011 Abstract
Wendy Applequist - The Missouri Botanical Garden's DNA Bank: Expanding opportunities to serve the American systematics community. Co-authors: Alyse R. Kuhlman, James C. Solomon, Porter P. Lowry II, Rainer Bussmann and Robert E. Magill
Botany 2011 Abstract
Jim Mickles - Micromorphological Insights on the Systematic Position of Bowenia and Stangeria (Cycadales). Co-authors: Maria Rosaria Barone Lumaga, Aldo Moretti and Paolo DeLuca
Botany 2011 Abstract
Tanisha Williams - Identification of Populus species and hybrids through morphological analyses and single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping in the American southwest. Co-authors: Kirsten Fisher, Nathalie Isabel and Stacey Thompson
Botany 2011 Abstract
Catherine Rawlins - Characterization of potential therapeutic properties of the Hmong medicinal plant, Tradescantia zebrina. Co-authors: Benjamin Leist, Rebecca Abler and Kitrina Carlson
Botany 2011 Abstract
Colin Khoury - Initial Steps toward a National Conservation Strategy for Crop Wild Relatives of the United States. Co-authors: Stephanie Greene and Nora Patricia Castaeda Alvarez
Botany 2011 Abstract
Charles Blair - Invasive Aquatic and Riparian Weeds and Mosquitoes; Challenges, Successes, and Oppoutunities.
Botany 2011 Abstract
Saul Hoyos - Anatomical and morphological characteristics among Fusispermum spp. and Rinorea apiculata group (Violaceae) can be useful for understanding the phylogenetic relationships.
Botany 2011 Abstract
Gretchen Nelson - Morphological and phylogenetic relationships of an unusual species, Amelanchier bartramiana (Rosaceae). Co-authors: Michael Burgess, Kevin Cushman, Eric Doucette and Christopher Campbell
Botany 2011 Abstract
Amber Paasch - Development of microsatellite markers to enable population assessment of skewed sex ratios and genetic diversity in Mojave Desert Syntrichia caninervis. Co-author: Kirsten Fisher
Botany 2011 Abstract
Karar Butterworth - Showcase of Student PlantingScience Projects.
Botany 2011 Abstract



Botany 2010 Presidential Address

Dr. Judy Skog - Clip 1 Dr. Judy Skog - Clip 2 Dr. Judy Skog - Clip 3

Botany 2010 Poster Interviews

Sasha Dow-Kitson -Reproductive biology of Hydrocharis morsus-ranae in Lake Champlain, a likely source population for the next region-wide aquatic plant invasion. Co-author: Christopher T. Martine Marsh Sundberg - Assessing Botanical Capacity to Address 21st Century Grand Challenges in the United States. Co-authors: Patricia DeAngelis, Kayri Havens, Kent E. Holsinger, Kathryn Kennedy, Andrea T. Kramer, Rachel Muir, Peggy Olwell, Kristina A. Schierenbeck, Larry Stritch and Barbara Zorn-Arnold Rafael Arevalo - Who's a Mormolyca? A first look at the recircumscription of this orchid genus. Co-author: Kenneth M. Cameron Hoai Trang Nguyen - Evolutionary relationships of the 'sky island' pines (Pinus subsection Ponderosae) based on nuclear and plastid microsatellite loci. Co-authors: Nicole Segear, David A. Gernandt and Ann Willyard Colin Ahrens - Research on plant community assemblage for Agrostis supports ecological risk assessment for genetically engineered Agrostis stolonifera. Co-authors: Geoffrey Ecker and Carol Auer
Amanda Birmbaum - Volatile Oils of Monarda viridissima, an Endemic Species of the Carrizo Sand Formation in Texas. Shabnam Jabbari - Flower Color Variability and Mixed Mating in the Protandrous Herb Saponaria officinalis (L. Caryophyllaceae). Co-author: Sandra L. Davis Jonathon Jasinski - In Vitro Assessment of Allelopathy in the Invasive Aquatic Fern Salvinia molesta. Co-authors: Michael E. Kane and Ryan Dickson John Silvius & Daniel Thomas -An Integrative Approach to the Characterization of Psilotum (Psilotophyta): Insights from the Past and Recommendations for the Future. Pedro Escobar Garcias - Evolution and phylogeography of the Western Mediterranean Lavatera triloba aggregate (Malvaceae).


Botany 2009 Presidential Address

Botany Without Borders

Dr. Karl Niklas
Botany 2009 Address of the BSA President-Elect
Botany Without Borders
    We are pleased to present BSA President, Dr. Karl Niklas' inaugural address and gift to all plant societies, the multi-media event, "Botany without Borders." The short clip (10 minutes) outlines the importance of plants and those who study them. It explores the magic and wonders plants represent and the people who unlock their secrets. If your internet connection is slow, let the entire program download before watching to get the full effect. Click on the arrow and enjoy!  

Botany & Mycology 2009 Poster Interviews

Michele Brower - An Exploration of Chicken Litter-Induced Trace Metal Phytotoxicity in Plants. Co-authors: SR Tuberty, Y Sakamachi and MJ Colgan
Botany 2009 Abstract
Heather Driscoll - Molecular phylogeny of the genus Costus (Costaceae). Co-authors: Irene T. Liao, Yizhuo Wang and Chelsea Specht
Botany 2009 Abstract
Rachel Schmidt Jabaily - Evolving towards semelparity in Andean Puya (Bromeliaceae): testing differential investment in reproductive displays. Co-authors: Cody Williams and Kenneth J. Sytsma
Botany 2009 Abstract
John Pascarella - Evidence of Hybridization between a federally endangered plant, Baptisia arachnifera (Fabaceae), and a native congener (Baptisia lecontei) at an ex situ conservation planting.
Botany 2009 Abstract
Ralph McNeilage - Fertilization timing and pollen tube growth in Nymphaea (Nymphaeales). Co-authors: Mackenzie L. Taylor, and Joseph H. Williams
Botany 2009 Abstract



Plants are Cool, Too! Videos

Plants are cool, too!

Hosted by Dr. Chris Martine, featuring Dr. Maggie Koopman

Plants Are Cool, Too! Episode 2: Fossilized Forests!

Hosted by Dr. Chris Martine of Bucknell University, with guest experts Drs. Bill Rember and Dave Tank of the University of Idaho.

Plants Are Cool, Too! Episode 3: Undead zombie flowers of Skunk Cabbage

Hosted by Dr. Chris Martine of Bucknell University, with guest expert Dr. Rachel Schultz of the SUNY Plattsburgh.

Plants Are Cool, Too! Episode 4: Desert Blooms and Marathon Moths!

Hosted by Dr. Chris Martine of Bucknell University, with guest expert Dr. Krissa Skogen of the Chicago Botanic Garden.



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Chlorofilms - plant videos on YouTube




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