Suggested Web-links

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants, in Florida — plant species images and information.

Fairchild Tropical Garden Virtual Herbarium — scanned images of herbarium specimens and label available on line.

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council — Florida invasive plant lists with linked information on each species.

Florida Native Plant Society

Florida Natural Areas Inventory — tracking lists for plant, animal species of concern, as well as community descriptions; has global, federal, and state conservation status or rank for species.

Institute for Regional Conservation — covers 10 southern Florida counties; go in and get yourself a password for the Database—that’s what you want.

Institute for Systematic Botany — covers all of Florida; has distribution maps by county, synonymy, sources for herbarium data, citation, conservation status, and sometimes images.

The Swingle Plant Anatomy Reference Collection — With her fellowship, Doctor Whitlock led a project to digitize an historical collection of plant anatomical microscope slides that were made early in the 20th century by W.T. Swingle, one of the twentieth century’s foremost authorities on citrus plants.

University of Florida Herbarium:

General References

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Wunderlin, R.P. and B.F. Hansen. 2003. Guide to the vascular plants of Florida, 2nd ed. U. Press of Florida, Gainesville, FL. 787 pp.—the newest guide for all of Florida, with keys, common names, distributions, flowering time and status but no descriptions or illustrations.

Regional Floras

North Florida

Clewell, A. F. 1985. Guide to the vascular plants of the Florida panhandle. U. Presses of Florida, Tallahassee, FL. 505 pp.

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Central Florida

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South Florida

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Tomlinson, P. B. 2001. The biology of trees native to tropical Florida. Published by the author, Allston, MA. 396 pp. Beautiful botanical lines drawings and unique information on the biology of the species.

Picture Guides and Specialty Books

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Tobe, J.D. et al. (eds.). 1998. Florida wetland plants: An identification manual. Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection, Tallahassee, FL. 598 pp. Pictures, line drawings, distribution maps as the scale of ¼ of the state.




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