Isabel Cookson Award - Paleobotanical

DR. ISABEL COOKSON is remembered as one of the most eminent palaeontologists of the past century (1893-1973). This award and fund was established in 1976 by a bequest from Isabel Cookson. The fund supports the Isabel C. Cookson Paleobotanical Award, which is given to the student who delivers the best contributed paper in paleobotany or palynology at the annual meeting. The Cookson award distributes $500 in years where the award is given.

For more information on the life and work of Isabel go to: In Remembrance of Dr. Isabel Cookson

2023Jeronimo Morales ToledoUniversity of Michigan, For the Presentation: Reexamination of Arthmiocarpus Hesperus from the Late Cretaceous of South Dakota: Expanding the fossil record of bisexual climates in Araceae. Co-author: Selena Smith

2022 Kelly Pfeiler, University of Kansas, For the Presentation: “Anatomically preserved cheirolepidiaceous pollen cones of western North America.” Co-authors: Brian Atkinson, Kelly Matsunaga

2021 - Michael D’Antonio, Stanford University, For the Presentation: Sigillaria from the Wuda Tuff: the implications of new species and internal anatomy for lepidodendrid life history reconstruction. Co-Authors Kevin C. Boyce, Wei-Ming Zhou, and Jun Wang

2020 - Keana Tang, University of Kansas, For the Presentation: Cunonicaceae from the Late Cretaceous of North America and its paleobiogeographic implications. Co-authors: Brian Atkinson and Selena Smith.

2019 - Facundo De Beneditti, Egidio Feruglio Paleontological Museum, Trelew, Argentina: For the Presentation: Late Cretaceous heterosporous water ferns from Patagonia: assessing monomegaspory. Co-authors: Maria Del Carmen Zamaloa, Maria Gandolfo, Nestor Cuneo
2018 - Camila Martinez

2017 - Michael Donovan from Pennsylvania State University, for the paper entitled, “Insect herbivore communities tracked the conifer Agathis (Araucariaceae) from Paleogene Patagonia to modern Australasia and Southeast Asia, Co-authors: Conrad C. Labandeira, Peter Wilf, Ari Iglesias and Rubin Cunio.

2016 - Brian Atkinson from Oregon State University, for the paper entitled, “Initial radiation of asterids: earliest cornalean fossils, Co-authors: Ruth A Stockey and Gar W Rothwell.

2015 - Carla Harper from the University of Kansas, for the paper entitled, “Biomarkers in paleomycology – A case study using fungus-infected Permian woods from Antarctica, Co-authors: Alison Olcott Marshall, Craig P. Marshall, Thomas N. Taylor, Michael Krings and Edith L. Taylor.

2014 - Kelly K.S. Matsunaga from Humboldt State University, is the 2014 award recipient for the paper entitled, “A whole-plant concept for an Early Devonian (Lochkovian-Pragian) lycophyte from the Beartooth Butte Formation (Wyoming), Co-author: Alexandru M.F. Tomescu.

2013 - Dori Contreras from the University of California-Berkeley, is the 2013 award recipient for the paper entitled, “New data on the structure and phylogenetic position of an extinct Cretaceous redwood, Co-authors: Garland Upchurch and Greg Mack.

2012 - Ashley Klymiuk of University of Kansas, Advisor, Dr. Thomas Taylor, is the 2012 award recipient for the paper entitled, “Anamorphic fungi from the Princeton Chert: new insights into paleomicrobial diversity, Co-authors:Thomas Taylor and Michael Krings.

2011 - Jeffrey Benca of the University of Washington, Advisor, Dr. Caroline Stromberg, for the paper entitled, “Morphological variation in the panglobal Devonian lycopsid genus Leclercqia: A new species from Washington state, Co-authors: Caroline Stromberg and Maureen Carlisle.

2010 - Andrew Leslie, University of Chicago
For the paper entitled, “Exploring the Role of Pollen Flotation in the Reproductive Biology of Ancient Gymnosperms.

2008 - Cyrille Prestianni, Universite de Liege, Géologie
For the paper entitled “"Xenotheca” and Pseudosporogonites: two Belgian acupulate seeds?.” Co-authors were Jason Hilton and Philippe Gerrienne.

2007 - Heather Sanders, Ohio University
For the paper entitled "Upside down auxin suggests the evolutionary origin of isoetalean rhizomorphs" Her co-authors were Gar W. Rothwell and Sarah Wyatt.

2006 - Selena Y. Smith, University of Alberta
For the paper paper entitled “Fossil perianthless Piperales: a saururaceous inflorescence and flowers with in situ pollen from the Princeton Chert.” Co-author was Ruth A. Stockey.

2005 - Stefan A. Little, University of Alberta
For the paper paper entitled “A Morphogenetic study of submerged roots and a new type of aquatic bark system (rhytidome) in Decadon allenbyensis from the Middle Eocene Princeton Chert.” Co-author was Ruth A. Stockey.

2004 - Caroline Strömberg, Swedish Museum of Natural History
For for her paper entitled “From subtropical forests to savanna: phytolith evidence concerning Tertiary vegetation change and grass evolution in the North American interior.”

2003 - Michael Dunn, Ohio University, Athens
For his paper entitled "The Fayetteville Flora of Arkansas,USA: An Upper Mississippian (middle Chesterian/ lower Namurian A) plantfossil assemblage with permineralized and compression remains."

2002 - Marcela Martinez-Milla,
For for her paper entitled "Leaf architecture of Anacardiaceae, phylogeny and biogeography." The presentation was co-authored with Sergio R. S. Cevallos-Ferriz, and Teresa Terrazal-Salgado.

2001 - Aude Soria,
For her presentation on "Development and architecture of a Gondwanan representative of the late Devonian genus Pietzchia (Cladoxylopsida)," coauthored by Brigitte Meyer-Berthaud and Stephen E. Scheckler.

2000 - Michael G. Riley, University of Alberta
For his paper co-authored with Ruth Stockey and entitled, "A new aquatic angiosperm with a floating rosette of leaves from the St. Mary River formation of southern Alberta."

Jennifer Cordi, SUNY Binghamton
For for her paper entitled "Devonian vascular plant groups and the inference of macroevolutionary pattern and process: A phylogenetic comparative approach to the analysis of trends in early vascular plant evolution,"

Trevor Lantz, Univiversity of Alberta
For his paper entitled "A permineralized tree fem from the Lower Cretaceous (Aptian) of northern California."

Sandra J. Borgardt, Arizona State University
For for her paper entitled ""Fruit development in fossil and living Quercus (Fagaceae) and its taxonomic value.","

1995 - Georgia L. Hoffman, University of Alberta
For the paper entitled, "A Spirodela-like plant from the Paleocene Joffre Bridge locality."

1994 - Sharon D. Kalvins of Southern Illinois University
For her paper co-authored with Lawrence C. Matten and entitled "The frond of Lyceya hibernica (Lyginopteridales) from the Uppermost Devonian of Ireland."

1993 - Brian J. Axsmith, Ohio State University
For his paper co-authored with Lawrence C. Matten and entitled "A reconsideration of the conifer cone Glyptolepis."

Susanna Magallon-Puebla
For her paper entitled "The mixed Permian flora from south-central Mexico,"

Ben A. LePage
For his paper co-authored with James F. Basinger on "The evolutionary and biogeographic history of Pseudolarix."

1990 - Patrick Herendeen of Indiana University
For his paper, "Fossil history of the Leguminosae from the Eocene of southeastern North America."

1989 - Debra A. Willard, University of Illinois, Urbana
For her paper, "Phylogenetic analysis of lepidodendrid lycopods and ecological influences on their evolution."

1988 - Kirk R. Johnson, Yale University
For his paper, "Megafloral biostratigraphy for the late Cretaceous and early Paleocene of the northern Great Plains, Montana and North Dakota."

1987 - Wilson A. Taylor, Ohio State University
For his paper, "Evolutionary and developmental significance of megaspore wall ultrastructure."

1986 - David C. Wight, Ohio University
For his paper, "Primary vascular architecture of aneurophytalean progymnosperms and its bearing on the evolutionary relationships of the group."

1985 - Warren L. Kovach, Indiana University
For his paper, "A Cretaceous megaspore flora from the Dakota Formation of Kansas."

1984 - Jon J. Hamer, Ohio University
For his paper, "A small Medullosa from the Appalachian Basin."

1983 - Michael A. Cichan, Ohio State University
For his presentation "The vascular cambium in Carboniferous plants: Arthropitys communis."

1982 - Michael Zavada, University of Connecticut
For his presentation "Gymnosperm-angiosperm pollen wall homologies and their bearing on early angiosperm evolution ."

1981 - Steven Manchester from Indiana University
For his paper "Fossil fruits and the history of the walnut family."

1980 - Sara P. Stubblefield, Ohio University
For her paper "Embryogeny of an Upper Carboniferous Iycopod."

1979 - WM. A. Dimichele, University of Illinois, Urbana
For his paper entitled "Distribution and evolution of Lepidodendron and Lepidophlois in Upper Carboniferous coal swamps."

1978 - Edith L. Smoot, Ohio State University
For her paper "The phloem in the Lower Pennsylvanian fern Etapteris."

1977 - David F. Brauer, State University of New York, Binghamton
For his paper "Barinophyton citrulliforrne Arnold from the Famennian of Pennsylvania."

1976 - Elisabeth A. Wheeler, Harvard University
For her paper entitled "Some fossil dicotyledonous woods of Yellowstone National Park."

1975 - Charles Daghlian, University of Texas
For his paper entitled "Leaf remains of Philodendron."

1974 - Charles W. Good, Ohio State University
For his paper entitled "The elater bearing spores of Calamites."

1973 - Karl J. Niklas, University of Illinois
For his paper entitled "Protosalvinia from North and South America."

1972 - William L. Crepet, Yale University
For his paper entitled "Pollination in Cycadeoidea."

1971 - Gar W. Rothwell, University of Illinois at Chicago Circle
For his paper entitled "Paleozoic ovule ontogeny."