A Trauma Awareness Workshop eid# 27

December 14, 2022
2:30 pm - 5:00 pm


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Unfortunately trauma is pervasive in our society. From individual traumas experienced as a child, to traumatic events affecting entire communities, to historical traumas that are passed from generation to generation among marginalized and oppressed groups. And just like other aspects of our personal lives and identities, we bring our traumas with us to our work, school, and interactions with others. On our paths to becoming more equitable and inclusive member societies and institutions, we must work to become ‘trauma informed’.

This workshop is an introduction to trauma, and will help participants:

  • Develop a working knowledge of what trauma is;
  • Understand how trauma impacts the brains, bodies and behaviors of individuals and communities;
  • Identify areas and ways in which trauma may impact the botany community;
  • Begin to explore the principles of becoming a trauma aware individual/organization.

The workshop specifically covers:

  • A framework for defining trauma
  • An examination of 5 types (or layers) of trauma
  • The prevalence and impact of trauma
  • Trauma and brain development: An individual view
  • Applying the lens of trauma: A broad/community view

Please note that this workshop is information heavy and the content itself can be distressing for some individuals. Breaks will be provided, and participants are encouraged to take care of themselves as needed. There will be opportunities for discussion, but they will all be opt-in, and the session will not be recorded.

The informational and participatory parts of this workshop will last 2 hours and include multiple breaks. There will be an additional, optional 30 minutes built onto the end for participants who might like to stay to discuss specific scenarios, ideas, and questions.

Workshop Facilitator: Sarah Sims, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Outreach Programs Coordinator. Prior to joining the BSA team Sarah had a long career in education and DEAI work in museums and non-profits. Most recently she served as a trauma-informed trainer and strategic planner with the St. Louis based non-profit, Alive and Well Communities, where she consulted with local school districts, museums, universities, and other non-profits to train their staff and volunteers in the science of trauma, and worked with them to build policies and practices that are trauma-informed.

Registration is limited to 50, please click here to register.
Deadline to register is December 12, 2022.

Contact information:

Fee: Free

Categorized in:

  • Professional Development (workshop or webinar)
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
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