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Curricular Materials to Accompany the McIntosh Apple Development Poster
Distributed by the Education Committee of the Botanical Society of America
Posted March 2001


Production of this poster was a project of the 2000-2001 Education Committee of the Botanical Society of AmericaDr. David W. Kramer of Ohio State University's Mansfield Campus in Mansfield, OH chaired the committee and worked closely with the artist, sponsors, and OSU Printing Facility. Dr. Steven K. Rice of Union College, Schenectady, NY chaired the sub-committee responsible for developing the hands-on activities accompanying the poster.  He enlisted the help of Amy Russel, a Masters student at Union College who put the activities into grade-appropriate language and form.  Amy also field tested the activities in classrooms.


The Botanical Society of America sincerely appreciates the financial support of McGraw-Hill Publishers whose generosity made the project possible.  Marge Kemp, Sponsoring Editor for Life Sciences for WCB/McGraw-Hill was our contact there and offered many points of valuable advice.


The artist/photographer for this project is Brent Seabrook of Lakewood, Ohio.  He attended Middlebury College, graduating in 1971 with a major in fine arts.  After graduation he began working in local apple orchards in Shoreham and Cornwell, Vermont.  This initial interest in fruit farming developed into a fifteen year career in the apple growing industry.  Currently, Mr. Seabrook continues to work as a horticulturalist in the Cleveland area.  With his camera he chronicles seasonal changes in nature, especially developmental changes in plants.  Then in his studio he creates beautiful assemblages of his photos which are available as original works of art.  This is his first poster.  He also does garden restorations in the Cleveland area.  For further information you can contact Brent Seabrook by mail at 1212 Ramona Ave., Lakewood, OH  44107 by e-mail at  bksgraphic@phoenixdsl.com

Authors of Hands-on Activities

The Botanical Society thanks our members and others who have contributed ideas and fully developed hands-on activities to accompany this poster.  Their names are associated with the activities they authored or inspired.  One of the advantages of publishing the activities on our web site is that we can add new activities quite easily and can quickly make corrections.  If you would like to provide an idea for an activity suited for any level, K-16, or if you discover an error, please contact Dr. Kramer at kramer.8@osu.edu or Dr. Rice at  rices@union.edu .


The Botanical Society of America has sole right to reproduce and distribute the poster as a work of art.  Individual images from the poster are available for downloading by students and their teachers at http://www.botany.org/PlantImages/and may be used in print or electronic form for re ports, handouts, classroom presentations, and other uses traditionally associated with teaching and learning.  The images, individually or collectively, may not be reprinted in books or any other form which will be sold unless permission is first obtained from the artist, Brent Seabrook.