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Preparing Leaders and Nurturing Tomorrows Scientists
Undergraduate Travel Awards:  Enhancing Diversity at the Botanical Society of America Conferences

We are pleased to announce the PLANTS program funded by the National Science Foundation and Botanical Society of America to bring talented and diverse undergraduates to the BOTANY 2016 meeting on July 29 - Aug 3, 2016 in Savannah, Georgia.

Congratulations to the 2015 Award Recipients!

The PLANTS program (Preparing Leaders and Nurturing Tomorrow’s Scientists: Increasing the diversity of plant scientists) will fund up to 12 undergraduates from throughout the US to attend the meeting, receive mentoring from graduate students, postdocs and faculty, and participate in networking events including the Diversity Luncheon and career-oriented activities.  The program covers the normal costs of travel, registration, and food and accommodation at the meeting. An overview of the scientific conference will be available January 15 at: www.botanyconference.org

APPLICATIONS: Applications are accepted beginning February 1 and due by MARCH 15, 2016 and include completion of the online form providing your statement of interest, a letter of recommendation, and unofficial transcripts. Applications are welcome from all undergraduates who have interest in plant science; the admissions goal is to create a diverse pool of students. The application form is located online at http://www.botany.org/Awards/F_PLANTS.php. We encourage you to review the online form thoroughly before filling it out. Please have letters of recommendation and unofficial transcripts sent directly to Heather Cacanindin at HCacanindin@Botany.org.

MENTORS: In addition, we are soliciting names of graduate students, postdocs and faculty members who would like to serve as mentors during the meeting.  Mentors work with PLANTS students and attend talks with them, introduce them to colleagues, network and generally make the meetings a welcoming place for them.  Although costs are not covered for mentors, it is a very rewarding experience to mentor this group of students. Contact Anna Monfils (monfi1ak@cmich.edu) if you are interested in serving as a mentor.

CONTACTS: For further inquiries, please contact one of the organizers:
Ann Sakai -- aksakai@uci.edu             Anna Monfils --monfi1ak@cmich.edu
Heather Cacanindin  -- hcacanindin@botany.org

DEADLINE: March 15, 2016

Topics range across all levels of botany and include talks on conservation, biodiversity, plant genomics, evolution, plant systematics, and botanical education. There are also a number of social functions, specifically targeted at students for networking and fun. The meetings are a great way to understand the breadth of botanical research and education, to meet undergraduate and graduate students with similar interests, and to network with professionals in your area of interest. This is really a friendly community, so please consider joining us!

RESOURCES on Diversity and Broadening Participation

Please visit www.botany.org/diversity

RESOURCES on Understanding and Overcoming Implicit Bias

Please visit www.botany.org/diversity



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