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Student Representatives to the Board of the Botanical Society of America

Angela McDonnell, BSA Student Represntative   Jon Giddens, BSA Student Represntative   Morgan Gostel, BSA Student Represntative
Angela McDonnel (2014-2016)
Oklahoma State University
  Jon Giddens (2013-2015)
University of Oklahoma
  Morgan Gostel (2012-2014)
George Mason University
Megan Ward, BSA Student Represntative   Marian Chau, BSA Student Represntative   Rachel Meyer, BSA Student Represntative
Megan Ward (2011-2013)
SUNY Plattsburgh
  Marian Chau (2010-2012)
University of Hawaii
  Rachel Meyer (2009-2011)
New York Botanical Garden
James Cohen, BSA Student Represntative   Andrew Schwendermann, BSA Student Represntative   Mackenzie Taylor, BSA Student Represntative
James Cohen (2008-2010)
Cornell University
  Andrew Schwendermann (2007-2009)
University of Kansas
  Mackenzie Taylor (2006-2008)
Truman State University

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