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Eusporangiate Ferns - Ophioglossales & Marattiales
Botrychium obliquum - "coarse-lobed grape fern" Botrychium virginianum - another "grape fern" Ophioglossum flat Ophioglossum - habit viev
Ophioglossum fertile spike, l.s. Ophioglossum stem x.s. Angiopteris Angiopteris sp.
Marattia synangium x.s. Danaea wendlandii - a walking fern from Costa Rica Danaea wendlandii - gametophytes with attached sporophytes Danaea wendlandii fertile pinna
Filicales - Stelar Anatomy
Dennstaedtia rhizome x.s. Dennstaedtia rhizome x.s. Gleichenia rhizome x.s. Gleichenia rhizome x.s. - close up
Gleichenia rhizome x.s. - close up of "mixed pith" Osmunda rhizome x.s. Osmunda rhizome x.s. Pteris rhizome x.s.
Pteridium rhizome x.s. Matonia rhizome x.s. Alsophila stem x.s. Cookieales
Filicales - Soral Position and Indusium Type
Tree fern croziers Osmunda cinnamomea croziers Osmunda cinnamomea fertile fronds Osmunda sp. – close up, sporangia attached to ultimate leaf segments
Polypodium sp. sori – naked, sori abaxial position Fern sori (Pteridium sp.) – coenosorus, continuous sorus protected by leaf margin Dennstaedtia cicutaria – marginal sori Dennstaedtia cicutaria – close-up of sorus, cup-shaped indusium
Davallia sp. – submarginal position, pocket-like indusium Davallia sp. – close-up, pocket-like indusium Woodwardia sp. – unilateral indusiua Woodwardia sp. – unilateral indusium, close-up
Polypodium sp. – exidusiate (no indusium), abaxial sori Cystopteris sp. – abaxial position, reniform indusium Cystopteris sp. – close-up, reniform indusium Cyrtomium falcatum – peltate indusium, abaxial position
Cyrtomium falcatum – close-up, peltate indusium Cyrtomium sp. – sorus, median longitudinal section (m.l.s.) Fern leptosporangium – whole mount Asplenium sp. – mature leptosporangia

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