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Remy and Remy Award.

Presented by the Paleobotanical Section, B.S.A. 2012

The Remy and Remy Award recognize the best published paper in the fields of paleobotany and palynology in a recognized international journal. Nominees need not be a member of the Paleobotanical Section or the Botanical Society of America. The award for 2012 was presented to :

2012 Dr. Christian Pott, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Department of Palaeobotany
For the paper "Baikalphyllum lobatum and Rehezamites anisolobus: Two Seed Plants with "Cycadophyte" Foliage from the Early Cretaceous of Eastern Asia", International Journal of Plant Sciences, Vol. 172 No. 2
Co-authors: Stephen McLoughlin
Anders Lindsromt
Wu Shunqing
Else Marie Friis

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