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At the IOP meeting in Santa Barbara, the Paleobotanical Section instituted an award to honor Professor Winfried Remy for his work with the Rhynie chert. Winfried was a corresponding member of the Botanical Society of America and thus the award will be given annually by the Section. The award will be called the Remy and Remy Paleobotanical Award to also recognize the contributions of his wife.

In addition, Frau Remy has donated the remaining volumes of Argumenta Palaeobotanica which will be offered for sale to help support the fund. Included in the eight volumes are the original papers on the gametophytes, etc., classics that both paleobotanists and neobotanists should have on their shelf. The set will cost $50.00 plus postage and can be ordered either from Tom Taylor or Hans Kerp.

Taylor and Kerp are also receiving nominations for the first Remy and Remy Paleobotanical Award that will recognize the best published paper in the fields of paleobotany and palynology in a recognized international journal. Nominees need not be a member of the Paleobotanical Section or the Botanical Society of America.

Nominations for the 2015 award should be made in the form of a letter, no later than April 1, 2015, and are to include: 1) title and author of the paper; 2) a brief statement as to the significance and impact ofthe work; and 3) five copies of the paper. Nomination materials can be sent to either of the following addresses:

Dr. Thomas N. Taylor
Department of Botany
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045-2106 USA


Professor Hans Kerp
Abt. Palaeobotanik-WWU
Hindenburg Platz 57-59
D-48143 Münster

Previous award winners:
  • 2012 Dr. Christian Pott, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Department of Palaeobotany
    For the paper "Baikalphyllum lobatum and Rehezamites anisolobus: Two Seed Plants with "Cycadophyte" Foliage from the Early Cretaceous of Eastern Asia", International Journal of Plant Sciences, Vol. 172 No. 2
    Co-authors: Stephen McLoughlin
    Anders Lindsromt
    Wu Shunqing
    Else Marie Friis

  • 2005 Dr. William DiMichele, Smithsonian Institution
    Robert W. Hook, University of Texas at Austin
    W. John Nelson, Illinois State Geological Survey
    Dan S. Chaney, Smithsonian Institution
    For their paper: "An unusual Middle Pennsylvanian flora from the Blaine Formation (Pease River Group: Leonardian-Guadalupian Series) of King County, West Texas

  • 1999: Kelber, K.-P. & J.H.A. van Konijnenburg-van Cittert : Equisetites arenaceus from the Upper Triassic of Germany with evidence for reproductive strategies. Rev. Palaeobot. Palynol. 100: 1-26

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