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The Michael Cichan Award recognizes the best paper or book published in the last year on a topic that bridges the boundary between plant structure and plant evolution. The prize is to be judged by a committee of three members appointed by the Chair of the Section and is presented at the annual meetings of the Society. The prize does not have to be given every year.


  • 2012 Dr. Jean Galtier, Botanique et Bioinformatique de l'Archiectures des Plantes (AMAP). For the paper: The origins and early evolution of the megaphylous leaf.? International Journal of Plant Sciences 171"641-661

  • 2008 - Dr. Maria A. Gandolfo, Cornell University. For her paper: Fossil Nelumbonaceae from the La Colonia Formation (Campanian-Maastrichtian, Upper Cretaceous), Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina. Co-author on the paper is N. R. Cuneo.

  • 2005 - Dr. Ruth A. Stockey, University of Alberta. For her paper: Diversity among taxodioid conifers Metasequoia foxii sp. nov. from the Paleocene of Central Alberta, Canada with co-authors G.W. Rothwell and A.B. Falder.

  • 2002 Dr. Gar W. Rothwell. For his paper with co-author G. Mapes: Barthelia furcata gen. et sp. nov., with a review of Paleozoic coniferophytes and a discussion of coniferophyte systematics

  • 1999 Karen A. Renzaglia (Department of Plant Biology, Southern Illinois University) "Developmental ultrastructure of the male gamete of Selaginella" Co-authors on the paper are Douglas L. Bernhard and David J. Garbary.

  • 1997 Brigitte Meyer-Berthaud - "A reinvestigation of Stenolyelon from the Late Tournasian of Scotland".

  • 1996 Jack B. Fisher and Frank W. Ewers - "Vessel dimensions in liana and tree species of Gnetum (Gnetales)".

  • 1995 Steven R. Manchester - "Fruits and seeds of the Middle Eocene nut beds flora, Clarno Formation, Oregon".

  • 1993 Karl J. Niklas - "Plant Biomechanics".

  • 1992 Elisabeth A. Wheeler - "Paleocene dicotyledonous trees from Big Bend National Park, Texas".

  • 1991 Paul Kenrick - "The structure of water conducting cells in the enigmatic early land plants Stockmansella langii, Huvenia kleui, and Sciadophyton".

  • 1990 Joanne M. Dannenhoffer - "Rellimia thomsonii from the Givetian of New York: Secondary growth in three orders of branching".

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