AIBS Meeting - August 3-7, 1997

Palais des Congres de Montréal (Montréal Convention Center)
Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Sessions of the Botanical Society of America (BSA)

General Information:

Entire Program Booklet from AIBS

Forms for the AIBS Meeting in three formats:

These are printable files. The first is a Web document from AIBS, the latter two are scanned from the AIBS booklet. The quality is not ideal (the GIFs are like FAXes), and if you have the time, you might want to email or phone Marilynn Maury, AIBS Meetings Director, 703-834-0812, x203 voice, 703-834-1160 fax; email: Three formats are provided here. If your browser refuses to load the whole form, press the RELOAD button until it does. HTML and GIF forms are viewable directly on Web browsers (20 KB to 35 KB files) and can be printed directly (see Print Preview before you do -- you may have to adjust the Page Setup margins to fit them within the page boundaries. TIFF forms must be viewed using a compatible graphics or word processor program and the files are larger (50 KB to 120 KB files) and of higher resolution. If one format does not print well, try another. [Note: Links deactivated!! This is just an archive!]

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