Historical Research on the McIntosh Apple

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  1. When was John McIntosh born? When did he die?

  2. When did John McIntosh move to Canada? How old was John then?

  3. In what town and county did he settle? [Find this location on a map of Canada.]

  4. In what year did John buy the farm where he later found the apple seedlings?

  5. In what year did John discover the first McIntosh apple seedlings?

  6. How many seedlings did he find and transplant?

  7. What was the name of John's son? of John's grandson?

  8. When did Allen begin grafting the tree so that it could be grown in other locations?

  9. In what year was the McIntosh apple introduced into British Columbia?  Where is British Columbia?

  10. In what year did the first McIntosh apple tree get badly burned and how did this happen?

  11. In what year did the original McIntosh apple tree die?