Two million, two hundred and forty-five thousand, three hundred and thirty-three (2,245,333) visitors came to the Botanical Society of America’s main websites from July 1, 2007, to June 30, 2008. This is up 0.3% on the previous year (2,237,446), and reflects website statistics across the board. We have logged over 9,000,000 visitors to since February, 2000.

We have completed or made substantial progress on all of the projects listed in last year’s report. Our accounting systems are now all online. As those attending the Botany 2008 conference can attest, we have made major changes to the web-based conference support systems, this component will continue to evolve. Our educational outreach is gathering momentum and will be a big part of what we accomplish over the coming year. The PlantingScience project remains our single largest effort.

Statistics – BSA site
As the “Average Visitor Session per Day” diagram indicates, the trend for people accessing the BSA website has begun to move up after a brief period of decline. Over the past few months we have had roughly 8,000 people per day visiting the site. For the same period last year the number was about 6,700, 7,000 in 2006 and 4,000 people per day in 2005. Our highest monthly average for visitors per day was achieved in May 2008 with 8,648. May 2008 was also our busiest month to date with 268,096 visitors (previous high was March 2006 with 235,991).

Over the past year our main web sites experienced over 29,783,722 hits. For the month of June 2008 the Botanical Society of America’s main websites experienced 2,415,105 successful hits (2,149,304 in 2007 and 2,872,508 in 2006). Our record high was achieved in April of 2008 with 2,959,318 hits (previous was May of 2006 with 2,952,683 hits).

Over the past year, the BSA main web sites transferred over 1,007 gigabytes of information to visitors’ computers. In June of 2008 we transferred 84.86 gigabytes of data to visitors (67.78 in 2007 and 59.34 in 2006). Our highest month for data transfer was April of 2008 with 112.26 gigabytes transferred (previous was May of 2007, at 84.404 gigabytes).

In each of my previous webmaster reports I point out that the website is a tool with two main purposes. It acts as: 1.) a means of storing and communicating information to the BSA membership; and 2.) a medium for the dissemination of information that supports our wider mission. Our potential to reach people, including potential future botanists, is nearly unlimited, but very much related to the effort we put into the content used on the site.

On behalf of the Society I’d like to thank the following members for thinking part in the development of the online version of Careers in Botany, through the submission of a member profile to the site: David Spooner, Marsh Sundberg, Joseph Armstrong, Jack Horner, Scott Mori, Jenny Xiang and Mudassir Asar Zaidi. I would also like to thank the students involved in the growing LIVING BOTANY – science from a students’ perspective: Tatiana Arias, Janelle Burke, Laura Burkle, Jill Duarte, Uromi Goodale, Nathan Jud, Kyra Krakos, Sarah Kyker, Cassie Majetic, Tracy Misiewicz, Olofron Plume, Julia Nowak, Roxanne Steele,  and Cheng-Chiang Wu.

Over the past year, we have strengthened the foundations of the BSA website. We have continued creating tools that provides impact on our mission (and the promotion of the science of botany). We look forward to continued developments in the year ahead.

Website statistics can be viewed online in the reports section of the website at:

Statistics - American Journal of Botany
The trend for use of the American Journal of Botany online remains extremely positive. The AJB website has have over 29,127,000 visitors over the past nine years. In 2008 the number of visitors coming to the site on a monthly basis has grown dramatically, increasing by 53%. Thus far in 2008 the site has sees over 4,700,000 visitors.

We currently have 1,639 members (1,616 in 2007, 1,634 in 2006, 1,404 in 2005, 1,476 in 2004 and 1,505 in 2003) and 1,482 institutions  (1,259 in 2007, 1,366 in 2006, 1,038 in 2005, 764 in 2004 and 182 in 2003) activated for online access to the American Journal of Botany. We are working with subscription agents to ensure as many institutions as possible activate and use the online component of their subscriptions.

In 2006 the PlantingScience web statistics were included in the main BSA web stats. In 2007 we moved to tracking this site as a separate entity. Stats will be reported alongside the main site at As you can see, we are growing! Four hundred fifty-one thousand, five hundred and fifty nine people visited the site since opening in 2005. From July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008, 273,187 people visited the site with 111,827 visits for the same period in 2007.

Functional Developments
Over the past year we have continued to develop the BSA websites as centers for our educational outreach, business, and conference operations. We have streamlined our processes in an effort to improve accuracy, reduce manual input, and improve timeliness of and accessibility to information.

In 2008 the BSA staff continued to develop the BSA’s 3M concept, with the three Ms being: Mission, Member Services & Support, and Member Recognition. We trust you’ll find the concepts carrying forward to the BSA websites in that we are: #1 moving forward and delivering on the BSA’s mission; #2 making things easier for you in all aspects of member support and services; and #3 if you are producing work for the Society, be it in the AJB, PSB, images, educational resources… we’ll make sure people find your work if they are looking.

I look forward to your contributions and, wherever possible, your involvement over the coming year. Your feedback is most appreciated.

Thank you for your time. Respectfully Submitted, Bill Dahl July 17, 2008