Chairperson James Wandersee called the meeting to order at 12:05 pm.

Minutes from the Monday 31 July 2006 meeting in Chico, CA were read by incoming Secretary Donna Hazelwood. With the addition of last names, minutes were approved as read.

Donna Hazelwood presented the treasurer’s report which was accepted as read.

Jim Wandersee thanked Program Chair Rosemary Ford for the arrangement and set up of the program for the Teaching Section. A total of 11 papers were presented

Jim Wandersee and Marsh Sundberg co-present a workshop on Innovations in Teaching. This workshop represented the first attempt at outreach for the ASPB and the BSA and was the first offering of a continuing education credit. Attendees at the workshop ranged from research I universities to high school teachers, and each will receive a certificate of attendance. The goal for the workshop is for interactions among participants continue via the online discussion forum.

An election was held for a three year position as Vice Chair and Program Chair. Nominees were Stokes Baker and Phil Graham. We congratulate Stokes on his new position.

Beverly Brown and Donna Hazelwood presented an update on the Education Committee meeting. Chair Gordon Uno praised the interaction among the members of the Education Committees of the BSA and ASPB, and the success of the joint workshops and symposium. He noted that the Coalition on Public understanding of Science (COPUS) project is aimed at 2009, Year of Science. Toward that end, three major areas for joint collaboration were identified as follows: 1) NPR radio short features; 2) funding of a mini-symposium at NABT; and 3) sending representatives to NABT and co-hosting an ASPB and BSA booth. Claire Hemmingway elaborated on the last item and suggested that the exhibit space would also include Wisconsin Fast Plants and other areas of plant biology such as plant pathology. Marsh suggested that the teaching section focus efforts on 2009 year of science.

The business meeting closed at meeting adjourned a12:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Hazelwood
Secretary Treasurer