It has been a very quiet year for the Publications Committee, but there are several issues on the horizon that need to be addressed. American Journal of Botany and Plant Science Bulletin moved the printing contract from Allen Press to Sheridan Press this year. The new bulletin and journal as produced by Sheridan Press look great, although E-i-C Judy Jernstedt reports that they are still working with Sheridan to get them “up to our standards” for illustrations.

Judy also notes that AJB declined in journal rankings this year and she is focused on getting the journal included in PubMed, which she believed will help with citation numbers. Encouraging submissions of manuscripts of broad interest and encouraging authors to put their work into a broader context are ongoing efforts that should result in increases to the citation statistics. Another need is to hire a science writer to produce front matter for the journal, which should enhance the value and demand for the journal. The topic of open access remains as an issue that needs to be thought through very carefully to determine the appropriate strategy for the journal and BSA.

Perhaps the most significant thing on the horizon is the end of Judy’s term as Editor in Chief in December 2009. The Publications Committee needs to begin discussions on conducting a search for a new E-i-C.

Respectfully submitted, Patrick S. Herendeen