Volume 53

  1. Four issues, 180 pages, were published on schedule with press runs of 3800 copies.
  2. Feature articles included:
    -Public Gardens and the New Family Visitor –Katherine Johnson, Morton Arboretum
    -Allelopathy or Pseudo-allelopathy in Classroom Experiments – David Hershey
    -The University of Northern Iowa Botanical Center – 70 years of Progress – Jean Gerath, University of Northern Iowa.
    -The Lloyd Library and Museum, Cincinnati, OH – Maggie Heran, Director, Lloyd Library and Museum
    -Linnaeus – Stephen Freer, Cambridge University
    -CITES and the Herbarium Voucher – Pat Duncan Raven, Missouri Botanical Garden
    -Landmarks and Milestones in American Plant Biology: The Cornell Connection – Lee Kass and Edward Cobb, Cornell University
    -The Struggle for Botany Majors – Gordon Uno, University of Oklahoma
    -Coastal Roots: A Pre-college Plant-based Stewardship Program to Connect Students with Coastal Issues – Pam Blanchard, Louisiana State University
    -The Green World: Plants for Now and the Future – Ann Hirsch, University of California, Los Angeles.
  3. Summaries of the Annual Meeting in Chicago
    -Forum Plenary Address , “Naturally Right by Design: Bringing Learning and School to Life” Stephanie Pace Marshall, President, Illinois Math and Science Academy.
    - President-elect Address. “Scientific Literacy, Participation, and the BSA” Pamela Soltis
  4. 80 books were received for review; 43 reviews were published.

Volume 54

  1. Two issues, 84 pages, have been published on schedule with a new printer, Sheridan Press. Fall issue is in preparation.
  2. Feature articles included:
    -Science, Success, and Satisfaction: A Look at Planning a Botany Conference – Johanne Stogran, Botanical Society of America
    -Experiences of a Local Arrangement Committee for a Large Scientific Conference – David Spooner, Shelley Jansky, and Alvin Bussan, University of Wisconsin – Madison
    -The Three C’s: Early Botanical Leaders at the University of Chicago – Nels Lersten, Iowa State University.
    -The Students Were Right All Along - - Plants Really Are B.O.R.I.N.G – David Senchina, Drake University
    -Symposia in Plant Neurobiology: A New Venue for Discussion of Plant Behavior and Communitcation. – Mark Staves, Grand Valley State University, Mark Mescher, Pennsylvania State University, Virginia Shepherd, University of New South Wales, Australia, Eric Brenner, New York Botanical Garden, and Elizabeth van Volkenburgh, University of Washington
  3. A total of 44 books were received for review, 22 reviews were published.
  4. Books received now on-line under Plant Science Bulletin on the Society web page with real-time request for review accessibility. Announcements, Positions Open, and News also are posted on-line in real time. (Each issue is being “built” on-line prior to publication for timely access to information by the membership.)

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Marsh Sundberg, Editor,
Plant Science Bulletin