In 2007 the physiological section held a highly successful symposium on “Blue Light” at the Chicago joint ASPB, AFS, ASPT and BSA meetings. This was co-chaired by Professors Winslow Briggs and Anitra Thorhaug. There was a workshop “Non-Intrusive and non-Invasive instruments for eco-physiology”, co-sponsored by the ecological section held on the weekend which reached maximum attendance capacity within the first two weeks of registration. The Section sponsored three contributed sessions and also a co-sponsored session with the ecologists on eco-physiology. The business meeting held elections for program chair which was Prof Frank Ewers from Pomona State College, with Uromi Goodale as co-program chair, in keeping with allowing students to become part of the leadership and Nancy Nicholson Web Master. The awards for three student contributions were presented after intensive judging :two presentations by Uromi Manage Goodale, Yale University, for her talk “Use of Non-destructive landscape ecophysiology tools in Sri Lanka" and by Mohammed Abdul, Texas A&M, for his talk “Impact of high nighttime temperature on rice growth, development, and physiology" and one poster the 2007 Li-COR prize was won by Jason Kilgore, of Michigan State University, for his poster “Influence of cold tolerance on upper elevation range limits in isolated mountain islands Ponderosae"

The 2008 contributions to the Botany 2008 program include a symposium cosponsored with both the Canadian Botanical Society and the International Outreach Committee “The Future of International Botanical Research: possibilities and strategies for your International collaborations and research, especially in developing nations “ as well as a workshop “Now that I have my data what do I do with it“ and 6 contributed sessions. A sectional business meeting will be held. The society finally has funding for the “Best Physiological Paper” in AJB with a named prize. This prize and committee will be named at a later date. The committee is presently working on criteria and data for the prize.

Physiological Sections Chair, Dr. Anitra Thorhaug