presented at The Botanical Society of America Council Meeting 27 July 2008, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Paleobotanical Section currently has 294 members (245 regular members, 34 associate members, and 15 honorary members). This represents an increase of 57 members since last year.

The Section has a program for the Vancouver meeting with 37 contributed papers, 3 posters, an informal presentation session, and an open forum Paleobotanical Collections discussion session. Of the contributed papers, 13 are student papers which will all be in competition for the Isabel Cookson Award, and many of those will be in competition for the Maynard Moseley Award. The Section will hold its annual mixer and banquet on Monday evening, 28 July, 2008 followed by the Paleobotanical Auction. Items to be auctioned will be those donated by members and friends of the Section and will include materials such as books, reprints, photographs, slides, humorous items, etc. The proceeds go to fund complimentary tickets to the Paleobotanical Banquet for Student Presenters. The annual business meeting is scheduled for 4:00 pm on Wednesday, 30 July 2008. The Section also sponsored a two-day pre-meeting field trip to Eocene fossil localities near Princeton and Cache Creek, British Columbia. This years Paleobotany button “Paleobotanists do it with Hard Data” are available for $2.00 each.

During the past year the Paleobotanical Section was the recipient of an anonymous gift of $50,000 to support a fund is named in honor of Dr. James Morton Schopf and Mrs. Esther Nissen Schopf. This fund is to be used to enhance the collegiality and effectiveness of the annual meeting of the Paleobotanical Section. This could include, but is not limited to, funding refreshments or other aspects of the Section's annual dinner, Section field trips (such as bus rental, preparation of field guides, etc.), attendance at the annual meeting of specially invited guests, and/or any other costs involved in the Section's annual meeting. These funds are to be distributed by, and at the discretion of, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Paleobotanical Section, Botanical Society of America. This fund is an endowment account, such that the monies to be spent come from the dividends/interest accrued on the account, rather than on the principal in the account.

In addition the Section received a gift of $8937.56 from the estate of Marcia Winslow that will be used to endow an additional award for the section. A Committee has been formed to formalize the details of the award.

The Bibliography of American Paleobotany for 2006 was mailed to members and institutional subscribers. Copies will be provided for the BSA Archives and for the editor of the Plant Science Bulletin. Others may purchase copies for $18 each.

Respectfully submitted, Michael T. Dunn, Secretary/Treasurer Paleobotanical Section, Botanical Society of America