The 2007 Maynard Moseley Award committee was chaired last year (2007) in Chicago by Dr. Patricia Gensel of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Also serving on the committee were Dr. Brian Axsmith of the University of South Alabama and Dr. Bonnie F. Jacobs of Southern Methodist University. The winning paper, “Differing patterns of MADS-box gene expression associated with shifts in petaloidy with Aizoaceae (Caryophyllales)”, was presented by Samuel F. Brockington, University of Florida. Co-authors were Mike Frohlich, Paula J. Rudall, Douglas E. Soltis and Pamela S. Soltis.

This year Brian Axsmith is serving as chairman. Bonnie Jacobs will not be present due to fieldwork commitments in Africa. Dr. Gene Mapes of Ohio University has agreed to replace her. The new committee member chosen last year is Dr. Roger D. Meichenheimer of Miami University of Ohio. Gar Rothwell of Ohio University will be the new member at next year’s meeting.

This year, twenty student papers are in contention for the award in the combined Paleobotanical and Developmental and Structural sections. Discussions between Axsmith and the web master revealed problems in terms of reporting which students are actually edible for the award. This was due to the lack of a specific button on the registration site in which students could indicate their desire to be included in the competition. Since the award is open to all students in both sections whose paper satisfies the criteria of the award, this did not present a serious problem. However, being provided with a simple list as can be done for the other awards would be convenient. According to the web master, this should be taken care of for next year’s meeting.

Sincerely, Dr. Brian J. Axsmith, Moseley Committee Chairman