Lee Kass continued as Chair of the section and presided at the Historical Section Annual meeting on July 10, 2007, at Botany 2007, Chicago Illinois. The group invited Marissa Jernegan, graduate student at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, ILL to be Vice-chairman and she graciously accepted.

At Botany 2007, the section sponsored two posters, one Discussion Session of Informal presentations, chaired by Marsh Sundberg, Emporia State University, and a Symposium on "A Historical Perspective on Chicago Area Botany," organized by Lee B. Kass and chaired by L. Kass (with assistance from Ed Cobb), Cornell Univeristy..

Marshall Sundberg, editor of Plant Science Bulletin, suggested asking our symposium speakers to submit their talks to put on the BSA website. He also invited speakers to submit an article based on their talk to be featured in the PSB. Nels Lersten submitted an article, which was published in the PSB 2008, Volume 54, No 1: 12-13. ("The three C's: Early botanical leaders at the University of Chicago"). Lee Kass' and Ed Cobb's historical Section talk given at the Botany 2006 Centennial Celebration in Chico, CA was featured in the Fall 2007, PSB volume 53, No. 3: 90-101 ("Landmarks and Milestones in American Plant Biology, the Cornell Connection").

The first Emanuel Rudolph Award was given to two students who organized the Carlquist Symposium. The Emanuel Rudolph Award was established in 2006, at the Historical Section annual meeting in Chico CA, for the best student paper on a historical subject in botany. The qualifications were revised at this year's annual meeting 2007) to reflect and highlight excellence in the area of historical presentations at the Botanical Society of America meetings. It was decided to award it to a student or students presenting historical papers in any section or symposium. The first award was given to Witt Taylor of Arizona State University and S. Y. Smith of the Royal Holloway University of London for organizing "A Symposium in Honor of Sherwin Carlquist."

The participants discussed organizing a symposium in Vancouver, British Columbia, for Botany 2008. Marsh Sundberg volunteered to contact Prof. Iain Taylor. There was some communications between Taylor and the section; however, a symposium was not arranged for Botany 2008.

The section decided not to do a Discussion Session for Botany 2008 due to lack of participation at Botany 2007. We may try again at a future time. The BSA website [as of May 2003!] lists 87 members of the Historical Section.

In March 2008, the section chair organized a committee to review eligible submissions for the Botany 2008 Emanuel Rudolph Award. The committee consists of Carol Kelloff, Smithsonian Institution; Marshal Sundberg, Emporia State University; William Dahl, Botanical Society of America. At present three poster submissions are eligible for the award.

The section chair thanks Bill Dahl, Marsh Sundberg, Carol Kelloff and Marissa Jernegan for their continued support.

Respectfully submitted, Lee B. Kass, Chair Historical Section, BSA
L. H. Bailey Hortorium, Department of Plant Biology
412 Mann Library Building, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-5908, USA
Department Phone: 607-255-2131, Office phone: 607-255-1052