Botanical Society of America

2007 BSA/AFS/ASPT Banquet: Agenda

Annual Banquet
11 July, 2007, 7:00 p.m.
Chicago, Illinois


  1. Brief welcome (BSA President)
  2. Introductions
      a. Officers of AFS/ASPT
      b . Officers of BSA: President Elect, Past-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Program Director
      c . Other members of EC: Meetings Coordinator, Web Master, Business Manager
      d . Editors
        1. AJB
        2. PSB
  3. Announcing the Grady L. Webster Award (new in 2007)
  4. Presentation of ABLS/AFS/ASPT Awards (ABLS/AFS/ASPT President)
  5. Presentation of BSA, Sectional, and Affiliate Awards (BSA President, assisted by Secretary)
      a. Merit Award
      b. BSA Graduate Student Research Awards
      c. Cheadle Awards
      d. BSA Section Awards (many of these)
      e. Affiliated Awards
        1. Gleason Award (New York Botanical Garden)
        2. Greenman Award (Missouri Botanical Garden)
        3. Lawrence Award
  6. Introduction of President Elect, as Speaker (BSA President)
  7. Talk by President Elect and questions
  8. Thanks to appropriate persons (BSA President)
  9. President turns over gavel (symbolically) to President Elect and presents the President Plaque
  10. New President (President Elect) closes