1998 Annual Meeting of the
Botanical Society of America
2-6 August, 1998   Baltimore, MD


The Botanical Society of America is using electronic abstract submission for the first time this year. The goals of this are to:

To meet all of the needs of the BSA, new software was written to fulfill these requirements. There is no "off-the-shelf software" that will take care of abstract submissions. In the case of BSA, this requires facilities to handle submissions to 15 different sections and 10 different symposia, for a program with over 500 participants.

Not everyone is as "web adept" as others -- this software has been designed to follow normal conventions, checks input for correctness, and provides feedback when the process is completed. Further, those submitting abstracts will receive copies of their submissions by email as soon as the abstract is processed. As soon as the abstract is processed, it will be available through the BSA website for viewing worldwide. Provision has been made to include special symbols and Greek characters, although these will require cutting and pasting some HTML code for proper translation.

The normal "Call for Papers" form and "Abstract Submission" form have been combined for convenience. The information that is submitted will be provided to the 15 program directors and more than 10 symposium organizers who will be working with BSA's program director to organize the program. Each submission will be indexed immediately by first author's last name and will be available as a hyperlink from this page. Those who wish to chair sessions, serve as judges, become contestants for awards, or have special A/V requirements can indicate these on the form and these are collated for the organizers.

Upon final submission, the following events (among others) are triggered:

  1. All data in the fields is sent by email to the program officer of the section/symposium selected. A cc: is sent to the author.
  2. A copy of the formatted abstract is archived on the Web.
  3. The abstract is searchable.
  4. A general and section-by-section index is created with links to each abstract by first author's name.
  5. This is immediately available to all visitors to the website.

If you have any questions, comments or trouble submitting material, please contact the section's program director or the (email: BSA Webmaster).

Diagram of Program Events
1. Submission of original form
2. Input scanned for omissions and corrected interactively until all necessary fields are filled
3. Galley proof with editing capacity and vocabulary list
4. Submission of form