Presiding: RUNIONS, C. JOHN. Section of Ecology and Systematics, Corson Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853. 607 254 4282, cjr14@cornell.edu.

CONTRIBUTED PAPERS: Floral structure and development. Developmental and Structural section.

8:30 BSA 20.1 KOCYAN, ALEXANDER* AND PETER K. ENDRESS. University of Zurich, Switzerland. Floral structure and development in Curculigo (Hypoxidaceae, Asparagales).

8:45 BSA 20.2 ALIX, MITCHELL* AND ROBIN W. SCRIBAILO. Purdue University North Central, Westville, IN. Correlations between inflorescence architecture and reproductive success in Potamogeton amplifolius.

9:00 BSA 20.3 BUZGO, MATYAS* AND PETER K. ENDRESS. University of Zurich, Switzerland. Flower development of Acorus calamus (Acoraceae).

9:15 BSA 20.4 MCMAHON, MICHELLE* AND LARRY HUFFORD. Washington State University, Pullman. Corolla-androecium synorganization in the flowers of tribe Amorpheae (Fabaceae).

9:30 BSA 20.4 FAIVRE, AMY E. University of Arizona, Tucson. A comparison of floral ontogeny between three heterostylous species of Rubiaceae.

9:45 BSA 20.5 LITT, AMY* AND DENNIS W. STEVENSON. New York Botanical Garden, Bronx. Floral morphology of the Vochysiaceae: asymmetry and pseudomonomery.

10:00 BREAK

10:15 BSA 20.6 SCHOENENBERGER, JUERG* AND PETER K. ENDRESS. University of Zurich, Switzerland. Floral structure and development in Thunbergioideae s.l. (Acanthaceae).

10:30 BSA 20.7 HERMANN, BRIAN P.*, TARUN K. MAL, RUSSEL J. WILLIAMS, AND NORMAN R. DOLLAHAN. Villanova University, Villanova, PA. Quantitative evaluation of stigma polymorphisms in a tristylous weed, Lythrum salicaria (Lythraceae).

10:45 BSA 20.8 BRADY, MELINDA S. The University of Chicago, IL. Testing the role of spatial constraints in floral morphology: computer modeling of floral development.

11:00 BSA 20.9 SCRIBAILO, ROBIN W. Purdue University North Central, Westville, IN. Floral development in Syngonium podophyllum (Araceae).

11:15 BSA 20.10 RUNIONS, C. JOHN* AND MONICA A. GEBER. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. A heterochronic shift leading to self-pollination in Clarkia xantiana ssp. parviflora (Onagraceae).

11:30 BSA 20.11 HORNER, HARRY T. Iowa State University, Ames. Soybean floral nectaries and their potential for improving cross-pollination for hybrid soybean production.

11:45 BSA 20.12 KIRCHOFF, BRUCE K.* AND MICHELLE MIYOKO GIBSON. University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Hofmeister's rule and the initiation of floral organs.


POSTER SESSION: Plant Ecology. Ecological and Tropical Biology Sections. Posters will be available for viewing from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Authors will be available to discuss their posters from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

BSA 21.1 ANTLFINGER, ANN E. University of Nebraska at Omaha. Effect of water and nutrient additions on growth of Spiranthes cernua (Orchidaceae).

BSA 21.2 BALSAMO, RONALD A.*, HERSHBERGER, THOMAS J., BYARD, REBECCA L. AND GOODE, LARA E. Chatham College, Pittsburgh, PA. The impact of trail maintenance and ecotourism on understory floral biodiversity of the rainforsts of Costa Rica.

BSA 21.3 BURNS, K.C. University of California, Los Angeles. Patterns of morphological plasticity parallel mechanisms of niche differentiation in temperate rainforest Vaccinium shrubs.

BSA 21.4 DABAAN, M. ESSAM AND GARBUTT, KEITH.* West Virginia University, Morgantown. Competitive ability of biotypes of Abutilon theophrasti and Amaranthus retroflexus exhibiting tolerance to the herbicide atrazine.

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BSA 21.7 GEORGE, JANE. University of California, Los Angeles. Recruitment dynamics of Yucca brevifolia, the Joshua tree, in the Mojave Desert.

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BSA 21.10 ISHIDA, KIYOSHI* AND HIURA, TSUTOM. Forestry and Forest Research Institute, Sapporo, Japan, and Hokkaido University Forests, Tomakomai, Japan. Pollen fertility and mating system in an androdioecious tree, Fraxinus lanuginosa in Hokkaido, Japan.

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BSA 21.14 LEVERICH, JOE. Saint Louis University, MO. Fitness effects of simulated early herbivory.

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BSA 21.16 LINDAHL, AMY, . ECKHART*, VINCENT M., BELL-JOHNSON, BROOK, AND DONA, AMY. Grinnell College, Grinnell IA. Competitive performance of populations of Clarkia xantiana (Onagraceae) with contrasting life histories: Evidence of a trade-off between competitive tolerance and drought avoidance.

BSA 21.17 LUCIANO, CARL L., NEWELL*, SANDRA J., NASTASE, ANTHONY J., HARDING, ANNA M. AND ROUNTREE, R. LISA. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA. Pitcher ontogeny and production of digestive enzymes in the carnivorous pitcher plant, Sarracenia purpurea.

BSA 21.18 MCCARTHY, SARAH E.* AND EVANS, JONATHAN P. University of the South, Sewanee, TN. Regeneration failure in a disjunct population of overcup oak.

BSA 21.19 NAVARRO, LUIS* AND GUITIAN, JAVIER. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Variation in floral morphology and reproductive success in Petrocoptis viscosa Rothm. (Caryophyllaceae).

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BSA 21.22 ROBART, BRUCE W. Illinois State University, Normal. Double function pollination as a transitional stage in the evolution of the beaked floral form among the taxonomic varieties of Pedicularis bracteosa (Scrophulariaceae).

BSA 21.23 SANDQUIST, DARREN R.* AND VITOUSEK, PETER M. Stanford University, Stanford, CA. Effects of lava type on variation in water availability and plant physiological characteristics within early successional communities of Hawaii.

BSA 21.24 SCRIBAILO, ROBIN W.* AND ALIX, MITCHELL. Purdue University North Central, Westville, IN. Aquatic plants of the Valparaiso Lakes of Northwest Indiana; their potential contribution in the assessment of biotic integrity.

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BSA 21.27 STERLING*, MUIR; LA FRANKIE, JAMES V., AND UM, SHAWN K.Y. University of Aberdeen, Scotland and National Institute of Education, Singapore. Patterns of rattan distribution in a primary forest in Singapore.

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BSA 21.29 TIBBETTS, TIMOTHY J.* AND EWERS, FRANK W. Michigan State University, East Lansing. Is increased water transport responsible for the invasive nature of Celastrus orbiculatus? Specific conductivity and root pressure in temperate lianas: exotic Celastrus orbiculatus versus native Vitis riparia.

BSA 21.30 WHYTE, ROBERT S.* AND FRANCKO, DAVID A. Associated Colleges of the South, Decatur, GA. The invasion, distribution, and growth of aquatic macrophytes in a Great Lakes coastal wetland.


Presiding: WALCK, JEFFREY, School of Biological Sciences, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0225, 606/257-3996, email: jLwaLc00@ukcc.uky.edu.

CONTRIBUTED PAPERS. Conservation Biology: Rare Plants and Invasive Species. Ecological section.

8:30 BSA 22.1 WALCK, J.L.*, BASKIN, J.M., AND BASKIN, C.C. University of Kentucky, Lexington. A review of the comparative autecology of a narrow-endemic and a widespread species of Solidago: The importance of competitive ability in geographic distribution.

8:45 BSA 22.2 ROYO, ALEJANDRO A.*, BATES, RAMONA C., HERR, DAVID, AND LACEY, ELIZABETH P. University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Demographic modeling of Lobelia boykinii, a rare plant species endemic to Carolina Bays.

9:00 BSA 22.3 BERNARDELLO, G., ANDERSON*, G. J., LOPEZ, P., CLELAND, S.M., STUESSY, T. F., AND CRAWFORD, D. J. University of Connceticut, Storrs. Reproductive biology of Lactoris fernandeziana (Lactoridaceae).

9:15 BSA 22.4 SAPOZHNIKOVA, TATIANA GENNADIEVNA. Ecology Research Institute, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Khabarovsk Russia. Rare and endangered plants species and they protection on the Far East of Russia.

9:30 BSA 22.5 JOHNSON, PAUL D.* AND SCHMIDT, JOHN M. Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC. Colonization of cleared patches of hardwood forest bordering a Southeastern piedmont prairie remnant.

9:45 Break

10:00 BSA 22.6 MEEKINS, J. FORREST*, BALLARD, HARVEY E., AND MCCARTHY, BRIAN C. Ohio University, Athens. Morphological and genetic variation within and among populations of the non-indigenous invasive herb Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard, Brassicaceae).

10:15 BSA 22.7 LAMBRINOS, JOHN G. University of California, Los Angeles. How dispersal characteristics and disturbance influence the expansion of the invasive pampas grass Cortaderia jubata in mediterranean plant communities of south central California.

10:30 BSA 22.8 BROWN, BEVERLY J.* AND MITCHELL, RANDALL J. Kent State University, OH, and University of Akron, OH . The impact of an invasive species (Lythrum salicaria) on seed set and pollinator visitation rate in a native Lythrum (L. alatum).

10:45 BSA 22.9 GROTKOPP, EVA*, STOLTENBERG, RANDALL, REJMANEK, MARCEL, AND ROST, THOMAS L. University of California, Davis. The effect of genome size on invasiveness.



SYMPOSIUM: Economic botany and ethnobotany: subjects that generate interest in plants. Economic Botany and Teaching sections. Organized by and LENTZ, DAVID L., Graduate Studies Program, The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY 10458, 718/817-8171, email:dlentz@nybg.org. and REINSVOLD, ROBERT J., Department of Biological Sciences, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO, 303/351-2716, e-mail: rjreins@bentley.univnorthco.edu.

8:30 BSA 23.1 SCHLESSMAN, MARK A.* and JOHNSON, L. LEWIS. Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY. An interdisciplinary course in Native North American Ethnobotany.

9:00 BSA 23.2 BARNETT, NEAL. University of Maryland, College Park. Economic botany at UM: capitalizing on life experience.

9:30 BSA 23.3 SIMPSON, BERYL. The University of Texas, Austin. Botany for apathetic premedical profession students.

10:00 Break

10:15 BSA 23.4 GYLLENHAAL, CHARLOTTE *; SOEJARTO, DOEL, and MAHADY,GAIL. University of Illinois, Chicago. Contemporary pharmacognosy in science curricula.

10:45 BSA 23.5 BATES, DAVID M. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Ethnobotany meets biotechnology.

11:15 BSA 23.6 LENTZ, DAVID L. The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx. Botanic training for the next millennium: the role of economic botany.



SYMPOSIUM: Population genetics and gene flow in tropical plants. Genetics and Tropical Biology sections; joint session with Association for Tropical Biology session 5.

Organized by HAMILTON, MATTHEW B., Smithsonian Institution, National Zoological Park, Genetics, 3001 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20008, phone 202/673-4677, e-mail: mhamilton@igc.apc.org; ALDRICH, PRESTON R., Smithosonian Institution NMNH, Department of Botany, MRC-166, Washington, DC 20560, phone 202/357-4808, e-mail: aldrichp@nmnh.si.edu; KRESS, W. JOHN, Smithosonian Institution NMNH, Department of Botany, MRC-166, Washington, DC 20560, phone 202/357-3392, e-mail: kressj@nmnh.si.edu; and DICK, CHRIS, Harvard University Herbaria, 22 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138, phone 617/496-2380, e-mail: cdick@oeb.harvard.edu.

8:30 BSA 24.1 HAMILTON, MATTHEW B. National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. . Successful seed dispersal measured with chloroplast DNA polymorphism is highly localized in a Brazilian canopy tree, Corythophora alta (Lecythidaceae).

8:45 BSA 24.2 YAMAZAKI, TSUNEYUKI. Kyushu University, Japan. Molecular polymorphism and population structure of several Tropical tree species in southeast Asia.

9:00 BSA 24.3 KRESS, W. JOHN. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Phylogeny, pollinator diversification, and patterns of gene flow in tropical plants: tales from the understory.

9:15 BSA 24.4 STACY, ELIZABETH. Boston University, MA. Cross-compatibility in tropical trees: associations with outcrossing distance, inbreeding, and seed dispersal.

9:30 BSA 24.5 DICK, CHRISTOPHER W. Harvard University Herbaria, Cambridge, MA. The effect of Africanized honeybees on gene flow and fecundity of trees (Dinizia excelsa: Leguminosae) in Amazonian rain forest fragments.

9:45 BSA 24.6 HAMRICK, J. L.* and PRESTON R. ALDRICH. University of Georgia, Athens, and Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Temporal variation in the breeding structure of fragmented Enterolobium cyclocarpum populations.

10:00 Break

10:30 BSA 24.7 WHITE, GEMMA M.*, POWELL, WAYNE and BOSHIER, DAVID. Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee, and Oxford University, United Kingdom. The dynamics of pollen flow detected in a fragmented population of Swietenia humilis (Zucc.) using ISSRs as a marker system.

10:45 BSA 24.8 HUSBAND, BRIAN C.* and BARRETT, SPENCER C. H. University of Guelph, ON. Population genetic structure in the tropical plant Eichhornia paniculata: implications for gene flow in ephemeral habitats.

11:00 BSA 24.9 MOLLER, CAMERON G.*, CHASE, M. R., KESSELI, R. V., BAWA, K. S., DOLE, J. and DAYANANDAN, S. University of Massachusetts, Boston. Dissection of gene flow and population structure using microsatellites in fragmented populations of tropical trees.

11:15 BSA 24.10 APSIT, VICTORIA J.*, HAMRICK, J. L. and NASON, JOHN D. University of Georgia, Athens. Genetic consequences of fragmentation in a Costa Rican dry forest tree species.

11:30 BSA 24.11 NASON, JOHN D. University of Iowa, Iowa City. Parentage analysis and the study of dispersal in tropical trees.

11:45 BSA 24.12 ALDRICH, PRESTON R. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. Gene flow and dispersal of pollen and seed with respect to population and forest structure.


POSTER SESSION. Paleobotanical section.

BSA 25.1 BUECHLER, WALTER K.*, MICHAEL T. DUNN, AND WILLIAM C. REMBER. Boise State University, ID and Idaho Geological Survey, Moscow. The Late Miocene Pickett Creek flora.

BSA 25.2 SCHORN, HOWARD E., DIANE M. ERWIN, AND PATRICK F. FIELDS.* University of California, Berkeley and Michigan State University, East Lansing. Columbia Plateau and Intermountain Basin Neogene floras: Introduction to the Project.

BSA 25.3 FIELDS, PATRICK F.*, DIANE M. ERWIN, AND HOWARD E. SCHORN. Michigan State University, East Lansing and University of California, Berkeley. Columbia Plateau and Intermountain Basin Neogene floras: Honesty policy.


Presiding: WHEELER, ELISABETH A., Department of Wood and Paper Science, North Carolina State University, Box 8005, Raleigh, NC 27695-8005, Tele: (919) 515-3181, Fax: (919) 515-6302, E-mail: <xylem@unity.ncsu.edu>.

CONTRIBUTED PAPERS. Paleobotanical section.

8:15 BSA 26.1 ZINNIKER, D., J. M. MOLDOWAN*, J. DAHL, F. J. FAGO, H. LI, L. J. HICKEY, G. W. ROTHWELL, AND D. W. TAYLOR. Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, Yale University, New Haven, CT, and Ohio University, Athens. Techniques and advances in molecular paleobotany: Methods for evaluating hypotheses of plant evolution and phylogeny by molecular fossils.

8:30 BSA 26.2 TAYLOR, D. W.*, H. LI, J. DAHL, F. J. FAGO, G. W. ROTHWELL, AND L. J. HICKEY. Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Ohio University, Athens, and Yale University, New Haven, CT. The molecular fossil oleanane and preliminary data on its occurrence in gigantopterids, anthophytes and other seed plants.

8:45 BSA 26.3 TAYLOR, D. W.*, G. J. BRENNER, L. J. HICKEY, S. H. BASHA, H. LI, F. J. FAGO, AND J. M. MOLDOWAN. Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, State University of New York, New Paltz, and Yale University, New Haven, CT. Preliminary molecular fossil data on angiosperm evolution and radiation.

9:00 BSA 26.4 MEDLYN, DAVID A.*, WILLIAM D. TIDWELL, AND SUE A. BILBEY. Utah State University, Logan, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, and Field House of Natural History State Park, Vernal, UT. Fossil Ginkgo-like wood from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, Utah.

9:15 BSA 26.5 WHEELER, E. A.* AND T. M. LEHMAN. North Carolina State University, Raleigh and Texas Tech University, Lubbock. Woody dicots of the Cretaceous-Paleocene of Big Bend National Park, Texas.

9:30 BREAK

9:45 BSA 26.6 MAMAY, SERGIUS H.*, DAN S. CHANEY, AND WILLIAM A. DIMICHELE. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. A Mesozoic-type flora from the Lower Permian of Texas.

10:00 BSA 26.7 CROSS, AUREAL T. Michigan State University, East Lansing. Fossil floras of the Michigan Basin. Part 1. Jurassic palynofloras.

10:15 BSA 26.8 HICKEY, LEO J.* AND TIMOTHY B. ARMSTRONG. Yale University, New Haven, CT. A mid-Cretaceous (Cenomanian) flora from the interior of the Canadian Shield in western Labrador.

10:30 BSA 26.9 LUPIA, RICHARD*, PATRICK S. HERENDEEN, SUSANA MAGALLON-PUEBLA, PETER R. CRANE, AND JOLANTA KOBYLINSKA. The Field Museum, Chicago, IL, The George Washington University, Washington, DC, and The University of Chicago, IL. The Allon flora (Late Cretaceous, Georgia): Diversity, abundance, and evolutionary implications.

10:45 BREAK

11:00 BSA 26.10 LUPIA, RICHARD. The Field Museum, Chicago, IL. Discerning patchy vegetation using replicate samples: A Cretaceous example.

11:15 BSA 26.11 JOHNSON, KIRK R. Denver Museum of Natural History, CO. Floristics and taphonomy of anomalous, small-leaved floras from the middle Hell Creek Formation (Late Cretaceous; Late Maastrichtian), southwestern North Dakota.

11:30 BSA 26.12 KVACEK, ZLATKO. Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Novelties in the Miocene aquatic flora of Europe.

11:45 BSA 26.13 WILLARD, DEBRA A.*, CHARLES W. HOLMES, JAMES B. MURRAY, AND LISA M. WEIMER. U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA. Vegetational Response to Environmental Changes in Southern Florida over the Last Few Millennia.


SYMPOSIUM: Conservation biology of Pteridophytes, Part I. Pteridological section; joint session with the American Fern Society session 2.


POSTER SESSION. Systematics section; joint session with the American Society of Plant Taxonomists session 5.


CONTRIBUTED PAPERS: Asteraceae. Systematics section; joint session with the American Society of Plant Taxonomists session 6.


CONTRIBUTED PAPERS: Molecular. Systematics section; joint session with the American Society of Plant Taxonomists session 7.