carnivorous plants - Drosophyllum-1TRAP TYPE: Flypaper Trap
Currently one listed species, (Drosophyllum filiformis), occupying habitats in nothern Morroco, Portugal and southwest Spain. In the wild, Drosophyllum is relatively rare. Plants grow in narrow coastal or maritime regions (maximum of a few kilometers from the coast) with regular morning fogs during summer.

carnivorous plants - Drosophyllum-4

Drosophyllum filiformis is shrub-like carnivorous plant, normally growing to be 40-50 cm in height (maximum 150 cm). Stems are 5-15 mm thick and tend to creep along the ground as they become longer. Ten or more slender, needle-like, triangular shaped leaves are generally found per apical rosette. Leaves typically reach lengths of 10-25 cm with a width of 2.5 mm.

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